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Qyster is a trademark of AMS – Aqua Mould Systems NZ Limited (AMS), and was created by Shaun Gregory in 2020. AMS was founded in 2013 and owns a number of international patents covering the growing of shellfish in moulds.

If you're passionate about oysters, you'll love Qyster

To achieve the quality and unique shape, Qysters are nurtured in pods which protect the oyster from predators and provide the perfect environment to grow quickly. As the oyster grows, it naturally forms into the shape of the pod, until it becomes a Qyster – look for the Q quality mark growing into the shell.

Unlike ordinary oysters, there are no razor sharp edges, just a beautifully smooth shell, so they are safer to handle. Each and every Qyster is perfect, the size and quality of the oyster is consistent, while the deep shell helps produce the plumpest, most delicious oyster you will experience.

Grown in the pristine waters of New Zealand, Qysters are a premium oyster for people who demand only the finest seafood.

Qysters are seeded in to pods at around 8mm width held in place by a restraining clip. Qysters grow to full size of around 75mm length in around 9 months

The Qyster logo is moulded into the pod and the shell of the Qyster grows around the logo creating a brand in each Qyster

Qysters are able to be easily displayed for dining on the little legs forming part of the shell design supporting the fully grown Qyster

Qysters have a delicate clean flavour and are enhanced by the diner’s choice of seasoning

The growers Advantage

Because the AMS growing regime can house more oysters per hectare, it improves the ecosystems in the area they are grown in, even more than other floating or flip systems. They achieve this by filtering more excess nutrients and sediments from the water column resulting in better quality water moving around the local waterways, and the multi-layer systems provides protection for local fish life, almost like a floating reef.
About Us

Shaun Gregory

Founder of AMS

Shaun has over 25 years’ experience in the Aquaculture industry, commercial fishing, and oyster farming. He formed Aqua Mould Systems NZ Limited (AMS) in 2013, however this has been in progress for over 14 years. He has a passion for the marine environment, is a keen diver and fisherman. Shaun lives in Opito Bay, Bay of Islands.

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